April 5, 2010; Seattlepi.com | Just when Seattle thought its problems were over, comes yet another challenge. Last week we reported that the city had to cancel its Fourth of July fireworks celebration because the nonprofit that arranges the show had lost its corporate sponsor. Apparently news of cancellation lit a fire under more than 100 donors who, by week’s end, contributed $500,000 to One Reel so the show could go on. Problem now, according to the Seattlepi.com, is what to call the event so that those responsible for saving the display are properly recognized.  In earlier times, that was an easy thing to do, because the show typically recognized its single benefactor—like WaMu Family Fourth (for now-defunct Washington Mutual Savings). Complicating matters is the fact that money that was received from companies like Microsoft and Starbucks were donations—not sponsorships. That means no one entity can claim promotional rights. Seriously, these are great problems to have. We say, just have a blast.—Bruce Trachtenberg