May 17, 2010; Source: | A recently uncovered online “work at home” scam has been using the Habitat for Humanity name to involve people in raising funds that are forwarded to accounts that— you guessed it—has nothing to do with Habitat. The marks are offered a “job” fundraising for the well-known charity and instructed that they are allowed to keep 10 percent of the take and must send the rest to a specified bank account. A representative of the FBI says that these scammers are increasingly hard to track down because of mobile technology and new accepted ways of conducting business. They “clear out bank accounts quickly or use wire transfers that are difficult to trace. And they move on to new scams rapidly, closing down e-mail accounts and opening new ones with different Internet providers.” Habitat is doing all it can to keep up with the moving target of this con but as the FBI rep says, “Each technological advance poses another impediment to catching them.”—Ruth McCambridge