June 21, 2010; Source: Irish Central | In Ireland, according to this article in the Irish Central, many believe that they give more to charity than any other country. In fact, nine out of ten people give but the amounts they give and the way they give result in lower levels of philanthropy than is donated by people in the United Kingdom, U.S. and throughout most of Europe.

This portrait of Irish giving statistics is revealed in a new report from the McKinsey Company, “Philanthropy in the Republic of Ireland.” The report shows that while 9 out of 10 Irish give to charity, the amounts are small and aren’t typically planned. Among other findings: While disposable income has been rising in Ireland in recent years, there hasn’t been a similar proportionate increase in the amount donated.

In particular, what the report calls the “ultra wealthy” are not donating amounts that the Irish Central says is “relative to their disposable income.” In addition, there are only 30 grant making organizations in Ireland, compared to 8,000 in the United Kingdom. That breaks down to average of 0.7 foundations per 100,000 people, a very small number compared to the European Union average of 20 per 100,000.—Bruce Trachtenberg