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Nonprofit expert sees longer-than-usual downturn
Jun 26, 2009; Forbes | NPQ’s own Ruth McCambridge lectured in Little Rock recently, telling nonprofits to get ready for extended impacts from the current recession. Rick Cohen

Former NFL star Michael Vick lands job with Boys & Girls Clubs
Jun 30, 2009; Associated Press | The disgraced quarterback will quit his [court-ordered] $10 per hour construction job for a position working with kids at several B&G Clubs of the Virginia Peninsula. The move represents a return to home for Vick: as a youth, he was a regular at the B&G Club in Newport News. There’s no word on whether the nonprofit gig pays better than construction. —Timothy Lyster

Act now so charities flourish in future recessions, urges SCVO chief
Jun 29, 2009; Third Sector | Since foundations and charities that lost their shirts got to watch Bernie Madoff march off to the hoosegow for a sentence of 150 years, maybe they might remember that if they had invested in socially responsible enterprises (especially those foundations with millions and billions in endowments), they might have fared much better, not only with Bernie, but in the stock market in general.  They COULDN’T have done worse.  In the UK, some people get it, see this from the head of the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organizations:  “There was huge demand, he said, for social investment that would offer a commercial return and ‘protect charity investments from the speculators and hedge funds Sime called on major organisations to show leadership in making better use of the dormant assets of charities’ reserves, investments and pension funds.”  Rick Cohen

Raise Your Hand for safer workplaces
Jun 30, 2009; Osocio | Raise Your Hand is a brand new awareness-raising campaign from WorkSafeBC dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety in British Columbia, Canada.  The campaign takes advantage of a comprehensive online strategy, with content in multiple channels, free downloads, digital participation in making and remaking the campaign’s image, and live appearances in relevant venues.  Trying to engage youth?  Benchmark your work against WorkSafeBC’s efforts.  —James David Morgan

Nonprofit has 30 days to spend $8,000 in stimulus funds
Jun 23, 2009; San Jose Business Journal | And the article calls the pending $8,350 in stimulus moneys a “windfall…”  —Rick Cohen

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