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Minority/women business group closes
Jun 29, 2009; Orlando Business Journal | It’s remarkable how many organizations we hear about shutting down, but how few are covered in the press.  Here is a brief clip about the Minority/Women Business Enterprise Alliance in Orland, FL, shutting down for the entirely reasonable reason of running out of money. Rick Cohen

Minority/women business group closes
Jun 30, 2009; Chronicle of Philanthropy | A study of Florida nonprofits revealed that top males in nonprofits earned  $110,962, compared with $80,987 for women, a gap that mirrors Guidestar’s national report released last year.  —James David Morgan


Health clinics lose funding battle
Jun 29, 2009; Press Democrat | This is a very useful example of how state budget problems are affecting the Obama stimulus.  Despite being in line for stimulus funding, California nonprofit clinics are facing cuts in the state’s “optional” Medi-Cal benefits.  These cuts affecting programs in adult dental, acupuncture, audiology and speech therapy, chiropractic, optometry, podiatry and psychology undermine programs that would be funded or expanded through the stimulus.  This conflict is probably not unique to California by any means, just brought into sharp relief because of California’s state budget freefall.  —Rick Cohen

Honduras immigrants in MA protest coup at home
Jun 29, 2009; WBZ Newsradio 1030 | NPQ board member Elena Letona runs a national network of community based immigrant groups, National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC).  One of NALACC’s members, Proyecto Hondureno, turned out a number of members to protest the military coup in Honduras this week.  Interesting to note that remittances from Hondurans living in the U.S. account for 20% of the Honduran economy.  Look for Elena’s article on NALACC in the summer issue of Nonprofit Quarterly.  Rick Cohen

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