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Henry Louis Gates’ Foundation to Revise Tax Return
Jul 28, 2009; WEBCPA| After his contretemps with a Cambridge police officer arresting him as he was trying to get into his own home, Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. found himself the subject of a ProPublica story that examined his personal foundation (the Inkwell Foundation) and found a couple of surprising grants.  One was $10,000 to the foundation’s secretary (who is also Gates’s assistant at Harvard), the other a payment of $1,000 to his secretary classified as “research.”  Gates has since said he would amend the foundation’s filings, as they were, he contends, mistakenly classified as grants when they should have been listed as compensation.  —Rick Cohen

Donation slump could hinder disaster assistance
Jul 22, 2009; AP| The Salvation Army joins their struggling compatriots at Goodwill as a slump in donations is worrying heads of the organization.  Rapid and sustainable response during hurricane season might prove difficult if the trend continues.  —Timothy Lyster

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