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SF nonprofits 101: Best practices for nonprofit employment seekers
Jul 29, 2009; Examiner| There are some very logical, pragmatic tips in these two columns about finding jobs in the nonprofit sector, or, rather, nonprofit sector people looking for jobs to stay/move in the sector. It’s the kind of thing the Nonprofit Quarterly itself would find as the beginnings of a decent journal article. The 10 tips for nonprofit job-seekers? The author pitched people subscribing to her column, but a better idea is to regularly read columns in the mainstream press and the nonprofit press so you keep up with what’s happening in the sector.  It all seems practical and down to earth advice for nonprofit job seekers. —Rick Cohen

Nearly Half of Charities Have Cut Jobs, Survey Says
Jul 29, 2009; Chronicle of Philanthropy | News of this forthcoming Campbell & Company report is circulating widely, causing waves within the sector.  The study posits that 47.5% of nonprofits have had layoffs, and that fundraisers are less likely to get the ax. —James David Morgan

Congressman Rogers brings more funding to mountains
Jul 29, 2009; WYMT-TV | The new style of earmarks for some members of Congress is for them to take credit for the money.  Here’s Congressman Hal Rogers announcing the $500,000 pushed through the House Appropriations Committee for the Forward in the Fifth grassroots education program housed at the Center for Rural Development serving southern and eastern Kentucky. —Rick Cohen

Money and Medicine: Bridgeport Hospital—big-bucks brass vs. struggling staff
Jul 30, 2009; New Haven Advocate | The Advocate describes nonprofit Bridgeport Hospital’s announcement of layoffs of 13 staff people—patient care technicians, health techs, and clerical staff on nursing units—while maintaining million dollar salaries for hospital execs, including the hospital’s president who takes home $2.5 million (supposedly only $1 million in salary and $1.4 shifted from his retirement account to pay taxes?).  When contacted by the paper, the director of the tax exempt unit at the IRS said that the BH president’s salary was high but didn’t violate the rules for nonprofit institutions.  A hospital spokesperson said that the salary is set based on recommendations from a national compensation firm that determined what is fair in the local market. The spokesperson added, “My experience from working with him for 14 years is that he works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.” Well, if the guy has needed no sleep while working for the hospital for 14 years, at $2.5 million, he’s possibly a bargain. —Rick Cohen

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