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Pandemic Flu Preparedness: Lessons from the Frontlines [PDF]
June 2009; The Hill
| The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Trust for America’s Health (with Bauman Foundation president Patricia Bauman on its board) have issued a report on lessons from the early 2009 swine flu epidemic for upcoming pandemic responses. The report notes that previous responses to potential epidemics were problematic:  the nation needs investment in and stockpiling of antiviral meds; public health departments lack resources and are quickly overwhelmed even by mild outbreaks; international coordination is more difficult than expected or desired; and policies for limiting public gatherings, school closings, and other responses were also “problematic.” —Rick Cohen

MillerCoors donating 8,000 cases of beer to troops
Jun 15, 2009; Denver Business Journal | In kind charitable contributions. —Rick Cohen

United Way in ATL hurt by recession
Jun 15, 2009; Atlanta Business Journal | More on United Ways hurting, this one cutting its community impact grants by 25%; question whether donations to the United Way itself are down 25% too? Or more? Or less? —Rick Cohen

Nonprofit seeks $4M from stimulus: Group already won $1.3M in funding
Jun 12, 2009; Dayton Business Journal | Not unexpected, nonprofits are lining up for stimulus funding. —Rick Cohen

Ohio State president to join Bob Evans Farm board
Jun 11, 2009; Forbes | The next time you wolf down those breakfast sausages, you’re helping compensate Ohio State University president Gordon Gee who just joined the sausage-maker’s board of directors, terms of compensation undisclosed.  According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Gee is the highest paid public university president in the nation, pulling in $1.3 million in 2008 (including a $310,000 bonus). He’s also on the boards of Hasbro (toys) and the Grange Insurance, neither of which likely to be a volunteer activity for the university chief. —Rick Cohen

Charities struggling: Nonprofits are facing financial pain just when they’re needed most
Jun 14, 2009; Herald Tribune | Foundations are split on how to help nonprofits.  In the Sarasota, Florida area, the Gulf Coast Community Foundation is helping struggling nonprofits survive by paying for their utilities and salaries where needed.  The Community Foundation of Sarasota County’s strategy is to help nonprofits survive by teaching them better fundraising techniques and volunteer recruitment. —Rick Cohen

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