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Nonprofits Urge Speedy Allocations by Council to Expedite Contracts in FY2010
Jun 17, 2009; New York Nonprofit Press
| NPQ has been writing about the problem of late payments to nonprofits from government contracting agencies. NYNP notes here the problem of delays when states (or in this case, the City of New York) find themselves unable to adopt budgets on time, resulting in contracting delays. Nonprofits are then stuck with the Morton’s fork choice of stopping services until the contracts are delivered or continuing services with the expectation that the contracts will emerge and cover the period when the groups were operating without contracts. —Rick Cohen

Boot Camp in Berkeley on Saturday
Jun 17, 2009; Craigslist Foundation | The NPQ staff has attended its fair share of national, regional, and state conferences, but we’ll always have a warm place for the boot camp series run by the Craigslists Foundation. The crowd is enormous—they’re predicting 1,500 people for Saturday’s event—the energy is high, and the admission is affordable. Plus this year, you’ll get to hear Craig Neumark, founder of Craigslist, speak. —Timothy Lyster

Key Obama Ally Says President Obama Did Not Follow the Law in IG Firing
Jun 16, 2009; ABC News | The President’s abrupt dismissal of the Inspector General assigned to the Corporation for National and Community Service isn’t going down well. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill doesn’t seem to totally accept the President’s “lost confidence” argument as legally sufficient. And the White House is responding by aiming some pretty tough language at the IG. This is one story that has more episodes to come. The silence of the national nonprofit infrastructure on this is deafening. —Rick Cohen

Hard Choices! Bad Choices? Bloomberg Cuts Human Services by $200 Million
May 29, 2009; New York Nonprofit Press | The Mayor’s Executive Budget for FY2010 would have cut $200 million in health and human service programs (on top of $80 million in similar cuts made in FY2009). Some of these cuts might have already been restored in the final City budget due to the consistent, multi-year budget advocacy of New York nonprofits, but Mayor Bloomberg’s initial budget proposals in May would have been devastating to nonprofits and the communities in need served by nonprofits. One of the possible revenue solutions? Instituting “modest increases” in payments in lieu of taxes for nonprofit colleges and universities. Hard choices indeed. —Rick Cohen

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