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Area’s nonprofits struggling, survey finds
May 19, 2009; Philadelphia Inquirer | We missed this clip last month, but a survey of Philadelphia nonprofits on the impact of the recession found much of what we’ve seen elsewhere, except in this case, more reporting individual giving down than corporate and foundation giving. —Rick Cohen

ACLU Releases In-depth Report on Anti-terrorism Laws and Charity
Jun 18, 2009; OMB Watch
| The inexactitude of laws affecting Muslim charities unnecessarily restrict their ability to function, according to a new ACLU report. —James David Morgan

Duncan: States could lose out on stimulus cash
Jun 18, 2009; Associated Press | Here’s a tool for nonprofits to consider when dealing with recalcitrant state legislatures. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has warned the Pennsylvania state legislature—and implicitly all other states—that they will be at a “competitive disadvantage” in applying for education incentive funds in the economic stimulus package (a pool of some $5 billion) if they cut education in their budgets or attempt to use stimulus money to fill budget holes. Pennsylvania’s legislature cut the share of the state budget allocated to education without tapping the state’s rainy day fund, incurring the displeasure of the Governor, Ed Rendell, and the warning from Secretary Duncan. Nonprofits would be well advised to make sure that their states are showing the right signals to qualify for competitively available stimulus funds for social programs such as education. —Rick Cohen

Beleaguered City Opera Tries to Hold Off the Ultimate Finale
Jun 17, 2009; New York Times | New York City Opera Chairwoman Susan L. Baker has dwindled the “people’s opera” endowment, leaving many to question whether the organization can survive. —James David Morgan

Bay Area Releases Coordinated Stimulus Funds Plan To Maximize Region’s Share
Jun 5, 2009; Bay Area Council Economic Institute
| The Bay Area Council’s solicitation of proposals from public and civic agencies for the economic recovery of the region (in the areas of transportation, water, housing, energy, and others) got 475 proposals plus another 97 collected by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.  Nonprofits might have been more highly represented among the nearly 600 projects, but hopefully the Council will work to ensure that even with a small proportion of recommended projects, the nonprofit sector will get to implement its due in the stimulus. —Rick Cohen

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