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Nonprofits Employ Tougher Measures as Downturn Deepens: Bridgespan Survey Shows 41 Percent Turning to Layoffs, 33 Percent Reserve Draw-Downs, but Also Hope
Jun 29, 2009; Business Wire | No big surprises in this Bridgespan survey that nonprofits are adjusting to the recession with layoffs.  We are going to see a new nonprofit sector emerge from this recession, it is hard to imagine that the “new normal” will revert to the “old normal”.  Rick Cohen

Innovation Meta-Study Reveals That US Charities are Innovative Thinkers, but Weak in Delivery
Jun 26, 2009; The Examiner| When it comes to innovation in nonprofits, The Management Centre (=mc) has a unique metric for comparing the confluence of factors that make up an effective approach.  Their meta-study released yesterday is international in scope, and comes recommended by The Agitator – well worth pouring over. —James David Morgan

Stimulus funds whet appetites: Budget directors map out plans for their chunk of $22 million
Jun 28, 2009; Milwaukee Journal Sentinel | In our continuing efforts to monitor what nonprofits are doing with stimulus funding (see this recent Cohen Report), we note consistent nonprofit involvement in summer job development, for example, the Workforce Development Board’s (Waukesha County, Wisconsin) first summer job program in 11 years.  —Rick Cohen

Fundraisers’ stress levels on the rise:  Survey by Third Sector and Birdsong Charity Consulting finds decline in staff satisfaction
Jun 29, 2009; Third Sector | News flash, eh? But like all good fundraisers, the fundraising sponsors of the survey put on a positive spin:  “Considering the economic climate, I think things are holding up very well. I thought we would see a bigger impact.” Rick Cohen

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