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The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireHospital’s Tax Exemption Yanked

March 18, 2010; Crain’s Chicago Business | An eight-year conflict over the charitable property tax exemption that has been closely-watched throughout the nation is finally resolved.—Woods Bowman

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireState of Social Media Fundraising

March 18, 2010; New York Times | An arts-focused article on microdonations highlights a couple of praise-worthy social-networking tools for getting the job done.—James David Morgan

The Nonprofit Quarterly  Nonprofit NewswireFiscal Reform Not Slash and Burn

March 17, 2010; Chicago Tribune | Nonprofits have to help slash-and-burn governors and legislators realize that cuts after cuts simply debilitate government and deprive people of needed resources.—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly  Nonprofit NewswireIs This the New Generosity?

March 16, 2010; Washington Post | Being generous is one thing, but acting like you are generous because the law demands it is another.—Bruce Trachtenberg

The Nonprofit Quarterly  Nonprofit NewswireBeware of IRS’ 2010 “Dirty Dozen” Tax Scams

March 15, 2010; Internal Revenue Service | The IRS’s annual “dirty dozen” list of tax scams contains an obligatory item on charities. However, the item on charities doesn’t seem to be that major.—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly   Nonprofit NewswireHeinz’ Sweet (and Mandatory) Donation

March 18, 2010; Sydney Morning Herald | You may know H.J. Heinz as a ketchup maker here in the United States, but in Australia the company will soon be better known for a donation of about a million cans of fruit to charity.—Bruce Trachtenberg

The Nonprofit Quarterly   Nonprofit NewswireThe Right-to-Know in New Hampshire

March 18, 2010; Nashua Telegram | A New Hampshire court has ruled that when a nonprofit is largely paid for with government dollars, it has enough governmental DNA to make it subject to public agency—like Right-to-Know disclosure requirements.—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly    Nonprofit NewswireUnflattering Portrait of Arts Foundation Head

March 17, 2010; New York Times | A front-page New York Times article calls to mind the old (and tired) joke that people who head foundations never worry about having a bad lunch or people laughing at their jokes.—Bruce Trachtenberg

The Nonprofit Quarterly    Nonprofit NewswireFacebook Co-Founder Takes Online Charitable Engagement to Next Level

March 18, 2010; Wall Street Journal | The man who helped start the social networking site thinks it’s going to take an entirely new Web presence to engage people in social change organizations—Bruce Trachtenberg






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