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The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireImmigrants Can Cheer and Jeer for Health Care Reform

March 25, 2010; New America Media | A health policy attorney at the national Immigration Law Center in Los Angeles corrects misconceptions on the treatment and standing of immigrants in the new health insurance reform legislation passed by the House.—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireFoundation Director in Oregon Held Financially Liable for Bad Investments

March 25, 2010; | A trial court judge in Oregon has held a foundation director liable for bad investments.—Ruth McCambridge

The Nonprofit Quarterly  Nonprofit NewswireHarvard’s Finances, Tuition and Property Taxes

March 24, 2010; Monthly Review | Who would have thought that the Marxist view of nonprofit property tax exemptions would support the state’s position?—Rick Cohen

The Nonprofit Quarterly  Nonprofit NewswireA Religious Group and Its Ugly Sign

March 24, 2010; Gainesville Sun | The Dove World Outreach Center in Gainesville, Florida, is a walking poster child for rethinking the religious tax exemption.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly  Nonprofit NewswireDame Suzi Leather Warns of the ‘Financial Cliff Edge’ for UK Charities

March 23, 2010; Third Sector Online | The chairwoman of the U.K.’s Charity Commission hinted that the sector’s optimism might be especially unwarranted for those charities whose most important income stream is the public sector.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly   Nonprofit NewswireGoldman Sachs’ Blankenfein Doing “God’s Work?”

March 25, 2010; | A picture is emerging of the personal charitable giving of Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankenfein.—Bruce Trachtenberg


The Nonprofit Quarterly   Nonprofit NewswireSF Gay, Lesbian Center Seeks City’s Help To Keep Doors Open

March 24, 2010; San Francisco Examiner | San Francisco is considering legislation to help the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center ward off a pending foreclosure.—Bruce Trachtenberg


The Nonprofit Quarterly   Nonprofit NewswireA Short Story Worth Reading

March 25, 2010; | The New England Laborers’/Cranston Public Schools Construction Career Academy, a charter school, elected to donate $88,000 to two local public schools to prevent cuts to their sports programs.—Ruth McCambridge


The Nonprofit Quarterly    Nonprofit NewswireBuyout Firm Hopes to Gobble up Nonprofit Hospitals in Mass.

March 25, 2010; Boston Globe | There is likely to be a lot of predatory activity, mergers, acquisitions and buying and selling in the hospital community in the near future.—Bruce Trachtenberg and Ruth McCambridge







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