October 4, 2010; Source: Courier-Journal | In response to the current economic crisis the Metro United Way, which serves counties at the border of Kentucky and Indiana, has decided to release some of the money from its current fundraising campaign. Traditionally this money isn’t distributed until July 1.

The special emergency money, amounting to $475,000, is divided into two funds, a “Bridge the Gap Fund” and a “Basic Need Grant Fund,” both of which will be distributed in $25,000 increments to organizations who can demonstrate that they have waiting lists or a backlog of need.

Joe Tolan, CEO of the United Way, told the Courier-Journal that many local nonprofits have been forced to decrease staff, close programs, cut staff training, and limit the number of people served because of funding cuts. “This all results in diminished resources for children, youth and families in our community,” he said.

We would be willing to bet that this move will result in a higher overall campaign take but we’ll never be able to prove it. Our congratulations on a wonderful decision.—Ruth McCambridge