September 3, 2010; Source: Associated Press | Probably the one question on everyone’s minds about the new health law is “how does it affect me?” For individuals, families and businesses who don’t know whom to ask, the Endowment for Health, New Hampshire’s largest health foundation, has created an online tool that answers that query — and plenty more. According to an Associated Press story and an announcement from the foundation, the new service, called the EH Pilot, directs visitors to numerous federal and state resources containing current information about the Affordable Care Act. In a statement about the tool, the foundation says it offers “resources to help average people and small businesses navigate through the details of the health law and get a simple explanation of how it affects them on a personal level.” The site, which is available in both English and Spanish, is designed so visitors can quickly find answers by typing in questions or clicking on links that contain information about how the law affects individuals according to age, options for purchasing insurance, and guidance for people with existing medical conditions. There are also listings for other agencies to call for more information. The site features the ability for visitors to share information that they find helpful with their friends and followers on Twitter or Facebook.–Bruce Trachtenberg