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Executives at Publicly-Funded Nonprofits Make Big Bucks Serving the Needy
Oct 27, 2009; SEIU 721 | In Los Angeles the SEIU 721’s Center for Public Accountability added to the national dialogue around nonprofit executive salaries by releasing a report naming six leaders of local publicly-funded nonprofits that make more than $300,000/year. One of the execs in question, Nik Gupta of the Mission City Community Network, defends himself in ways that some would—and should—question when he says that his $531,652 annual salary running the $7 million agency is justified because he is not only the CEO, but the CFO and CIO as well. Earth to board!—Ruth McCambridge

Bipartisan stimulus extension fizzles
Oct 27, 2009;
The Hill | It’s shameful that Congress couldn’t find its way to reauthorizing some parts of the stimulus legislation—beyond the extension of unemployment benefits—despite the fact that just about everyone knows or ought to know what we here at NPQ predicted early this year, that a second stimulus was going to be needed to stave off double-digit unemployment. But the avenue used by Republicans to stymie the legislation was the ACORN boogeyman. How reauthorizing stimulus funding could founder around debates over funding for ACORN is beyond us.—Rick Cohen

Leading think tank to close its doors
Oct 27, 2009;
Ottawa Citizen | Canadian Policy Research Networks—a leading social policy think tank in Edmunton—is closing its doors in December after 15 years. Observers say that it reduces significantly the policy research capacity of the country but the organization has struggled for almost three years after recieving major funding cuts from the Harper government in 2006. CPRN is a champion of citizen engagement in public policy development and has produced hundreds of policy documents over the years.—Ruth McCambridge


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