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State proposes hike for child-care centers’ fees
Oct 8, 2009; The Arizona Republic | Every which way you turn! In the Summer 2009 issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly we covered the squeeze faced by many child care facilities which are facing already declining enrollment from families unable to pay fees on reduced income. In some states this situation is worsened by cut backs, but now in Arizona a new twist! Child care centers are possibly facing an enormous (as much as 8,800%) increase in annual licensing payments that would likely force them to increase enrollment fees still more. The measure is proposed to make up for other state budget cuts.—Ruth McCambridge

US: Pennsylvania enters fourth month without a budget
Oct 9, 2009; World Socialist Web Site | Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, which is entering its 4th month without a budget, child care centers and other social services are making deep cuts and sometimes closing due to a lack of subsidies. There are 130,000 children in Pennsylvania who would normally be receiving childcare subsidies which have, for now, been eliminated. It is estimated that 5,000 children in Philadelphia alone have been forced out of daycare and 1,300 daycare workers have lost their jobs.—Ruth McCambridge


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