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July 26, 2010; Source: The Atlantic Wire | Rumor is that singer Wyclef Jean may be considering a run for president of Haiti. Jean, formerly of the Fugees, is currently neither confirming nor denying his candidacy though apparently he concedes that he has taken the preliminary step of filling out necessary paperwork.

Did Wyclef Jean’s 2006 song “If I was President” indicate a pre-sentiment?

Jean has been very involved philanthropically with his home country through his charity, Yele Haiti and more so since the earthquake in January of this year albeit with some questions raised regarding those activities. Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation has had a little trouble explaining some things, such as why it filed three years of 990s all in August 2009, suggesting some lagging record-keeping and reporting.  Additionally, more than a third of the Foundation’s pre-earthquake expenditures were payments to “related parties,” that is, payments to vendors and contractors that were connected to or controlled by Yele Haiti board members.  Jean responded to his critics with a five-and-a-half minute YouTube statement challenging their contentions and saying that he had put $1 million of his own money into the foundation. —Ruth McCambridge