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The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireRural Clinics Closing in California

September 6, 2010; Sacramento Bee | The closings are at least in large part due to cutbacks at the state level.—Ruth McCambridge


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireStimulus Plan in Hindsight: Did Obama's Agenda Hobble Economic Recovery?

September 1, 2010; Politics Daily | In the wake of President Obama's and Vice President Biden's "recovery summer," economists and pundits of all ideological stripes have weighed in on the success or failure of the stimulus.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireHawaiian Nonprofit’s Mission Questionable

September 5, 2010; Honolulu Star Advertiser | Beware the unnamed volunteer who surreptitiously puts campaign endorsements of the daughter of a nonprofit's founder on the nonprofit's website—unbeknownst to everyone.—Rick Cohen


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireBillionaire Soros Announces $100 Million Dollar Grant to Human Rights Watch

September 7, 2010; NPR | Listen with us!—Ruth McCambridge


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswirePractices Stymie Water Purification in Pakistan

September 6, 2010; IRIN News | Aid workers with charities and nongovernmental agencies in flood-ravaged Pakistan are running up against superstitions and other unhealthy practices that do little to purify water but instead make people sick after drinking it.—Bruce Trachtenberg


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireTest for TB to Revolutionize Diagnosis, Treatment and Spread

September 6, 2010; Abilene Reporter News | The test, which allows the disease to be diagnosed and treated within the same day, is expected to replace the one now most commonly used, which is 125 years old.—Ruth McCambridge


The Nonprofit Quarterly Nonprofit NewswireMinistry Officials Charged with Embezzling from Gates-Supported AIDS Fund

September 6, 2010; AFP | Investigators looking into the management of Global Fund Against AIDS money given to the west African nation of Mali say some $380,000, and perhaps more, has been embezzled by officials working for the country's health ministry.—Bruce Trachtenberg


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