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July 28, 2010; Source: York Daily Record | Think you know everything there is to know about the nonprofit sector, especially the amazing diversity of organizations and types of causes represented? Then this story is likely to make your hair stand on end.

Turns out that even groups whose purpose is to “provide a high quality, professional, reliable, friendly, knowledgeable ghost investigating team” can operate as a nonprofit. Such is the case with 36-year-old Ghost Hunters, Inc., of Pottstown, Penn., which conducts about two investigations each month into hauntings and other suspected paranormal activity.

In keeping with the group’s “charitable” status, Ghost Hunters doesn’t charge for its investigations. So who calls on Ghost Hunters for help? The York Daily Record tells of a recent assignment to explain a circle of light, or “orb,” on the attic wall of a local bar and lounge, along with organ music supposedly coming “from nowhere,” and “unexplained shadows, footprints left in flour in a locked room, and a historic picture that keeps falling but never breaks.”

Using digital and infrared cameras and voice recorders the group has been gathering evidence from the bar to help explain the mysterious happenings.  They hope to complete their analysis and have an answer in a week or two. Let’s hope the findings aren’t too shocking. We get enough of those in our regular Newswires.—Bruce Trachtenberg