September 14, 2010; Source: City Pages | Rubber bracelets meant to raise awareness among young people about the need for breast cancer education and prevention are apparently a bit too effective at getting notice.  In fact, some school administrators are so disturbed by bracelets that bear the message, “I (heart) boobies,” that students are banned from wearing them.

Fairmont High School in southern Minnesota first banned the bracelets, sold for $3.99 online by the nonprofit Keep A Breast, last Spring, and continued the prohibition after students returned for the start of the new school year.  Principal Lynn Manske called “boobies” a “slang word,” and she says the bracelets are distracting to students.

Schools in California, Washington, and South Dakota have similarly taken action against the wrist bands.  As one wag notes, though, the “best part of the turmoil” is hearing “buttoned-up school administrators across the country saying ‘boobies'” on national television news outlets that are also covering the story.— Bruce Trachtenberg