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At NPQ, respect for our readers’ work, intelligence, insight and dedication is core to all we do. And, indeed, research says that the nonprofit workforce is motivated differently than the other two sectors. What that motivation feels and looks like was the subject of our series of nonprofit workforce profiles over the last month but there was a component that could not be caught in words so we asked some young people to help us express the motivation of our sector’s workers.

This first of its kind music video resulted. We hope you enjoy it and share it widely to remind us why we are all here doing this work together. This is why our work is so important, and NPQ can’t exist without your contributions.

Special thanks:

This music video was directed and produced by Aneisha Malcom Co-founder of House of Malcolm media production company. The talented vocalists and musicians are students from Boston Arts Academy. NPQ would also like to thank all of the interviewees that participated in the “This Is Who NPQ Serves” campaign Jarell Skinner-Roy, Shena Ashley, Shana Brodnax, Elizabeth T. Boris, PhD, Pete Conerly, LCSW, Renee Bracee Sherman, Merle McGee, John Valverde, Lesli LeGras, Denny David, Selena Wilson, Jerelyn Rodriguez, Holly Kranker, Jaime-Jin Lewis, Erin Barnes, Nadia Owusu, Sr. Margaret A. Leonard, LSA, Rosa Almanzar, Donna Henderson, Melinda Myers, MAT, Caitlin Virtue, and Judith Long.