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Good Morning! At NPQ, the news moves us—and what moves us is what moves you. Our latest Week in Review highlights what our readers bring to us in the form of tweets, comments, contributed articles, and newswires.

But first take look at what you might have missed last week as the major news stories covered in NPQ.

·      The government shutdown in Minesota was the big news last week and continued this week with nonprofits struggling to cope—and in many cases crafting contingency plans. As we discovered,Minnesota may not be the only state government shutdown nonprofits have to endure this year

·      Fox News may not like Media Matters for America, often attacking MMAP on programs such the O’Reilly Factor and Hannity, but this past week Fox upped the ante by making the attack part of the daily fodder of all Fox News programs, even offering viewers pre-filled-out forms for filing complaints with the Internal Revenue Service.

·      Currently federal employees are prohibited from serving on nonprofit boards without special waivers, in fear of conflicts of interest. Now the Office of Government Ethics is pushing for a rule change, particularly in light of the Obama Administration’s encouragement of nonprofit partnerships with government.

·      Great thinkers are generating big nonprofit and social enterprise ideas at the Aspen Ideas Festival. Some of the ideas are interesting, like new approaches to education, others a bit more dubious, like the concept of “charter cities.”

And much, much more.

Readers Pick. Hottest hitting article OF THE WEEK.

NPQ’s straight-shooting fundraising columnist, Simone Joyaux, hit it out of the park again this week with a column about one of the most basic practices in development. Read all of her Unravelling Development columns here.

Conversations OF THE WEEK.

Giving USA

Art Groups Mimic Airlines in Pricing – Can That be Good?

 Counter to what many would have us believe, nonprofits are always interested in pricing issues, so when this Newswire came out, it elicited some strong reactions – mostly from people who were intrigued.

Doing it for the Love of it! Who Needs a Paycheck?

Some of us might be willing to work for less, but no one wants the nonprofits we work for to openly adopt that as a business model. Our newest Newswire contributor, Erwin de Leon, contributed this piece which elicited a lot of tweets and a few upset comments.

Trending Tweets of the week.


Thanks for all you tweeters out there. You help us spread the word and we’re grateful for your engagement.  From the government shutdown in Minnesota and what it means to nonprofits to tax-exempt for-profits, your tweets helped to spread the news.  Thanks for sharing! And if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter: @npquarterly.

emortizJul 05, 3:06pm via HootSuite

Important read RT @npquarterly: For-profits vs. Nonprofits, which sector is the real tax-exempt sector?

resplendentlymeJul 05, 3:00pm via TweetDeck

For-profits vs. Nonprofits, which sector is the real tax-exempt sector? via @npquarterly

RayleneDecaturJul 05, 2:46pm via HootSuite

RT @npquarterly: For-profits vs. Nonprofits, which sector is the real tax-exempt sector?

nymaninkJul 05, 2:05pm via HootSuite

RT @npquarterly: For-profits vs. Nonprofits, which sector is the real tax-exempt sector?

WordbenderCommJul 06, 12:02pm via HootSuite

RT @npquarterly: Minnesota is losing revenue and incurring expenses while nonprofits and their clients try to hang on

asinykinJul 06, 12:02pm via TweetDeck

Double ugh. RT @ltjoyslin: Ugh. RT @npquarterly MN losing revenue & incurring expenses while nonprofits & try to hang on