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Good Morning! At NPQ, the news moves us—and what moves us is what moves you. Our latest News in Review highlights what our readers bring to us in the form of tweets, comments, contributed articles, and newswires.

But first take look at what you might have missed last week as the major news stories covered in NPQ.

And much, much more. Happy Monday!

Readers Pick. Hottest hitting article OF THE WEEK.

The article stands way out ahead this week for the numbers of readers it attracted and numbers of comments made it attracted online and off was America’s Other Philanthropy: What the Giving USA Numbers Reveal in 2011. Not only was the readership on the article excellent but it ended up on blogs and websites all over the sector.

Trending Tweets of the week.


Thanks for all you tweeters out there. You help us spread the word and we’re grateful for your engagement.  From cities using their reserves to fund nonprofits to activists arrested for feeding the homeless, your tweets helped to spread the news.  Thanks for sharing! And if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter: @npquarterly.

openinnovation3Jun 22, 11:32pm via twitterfeed

The Nonprofit Quarterly | @npquarterly | Social Impact Bonds …:  Along with the deep financial recession that’…

andreamcarthurJun 22, 5:39pm via Web

Wow! RT @telleni @vantagepnt @npquarterlyarticle about the link between volunteerism, storytelling and social capital

NFF_PhillyJun 22, 5:04pm via TweetDeck

RT @npquarterly: City refuses to raise taxes, opts instead to use reserves to fund nonprofits, and everybody wins Wow.

GivingPalJun 22, 11:27am via twitterfeed

The Nonprofit Quarterly | @npquarterly | The Other America’s Philanthropy: What Giving USA Numbers Reveal in 2011:

TwitriciaJun 21, 2:21pm via Echofon

This. Sigh. RT @npquarterly: 9 activists jailed for feeding the homeless

cheryl_aguilarJun 21, 10:07am via HootSuite

How Saudi women used social media and to organize, and what we can learn from them via @npquarterly #latism


convioJun 21, 10:00am via Spredfast

R u engaging advocates in the right place? MT @npquarterly: Some social networks are better for activism than others



Contributor OF THE WEEK.

Creative Volunteerism Builds Stories

Jim Balone an OD specialist at Magis Fundraising submitted the enormously popular Creative Volunteerism Builds Stories. Readers found Balone’s story of the role of volunteers in virtually creating and building Kunsthalle Detroit (where he also personally volunteers) from scratch as “wonderful” and “inspirational.” NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! GIVE IT TO US.


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