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Good Morning! At NPQ, the news moves us—and what moves us is what moves you. Our latest Week in Review highlights what our readers bring to us in the form of tweets, comments, contributed articles, and newswires.

But first take look at what you might have missed last week as the major news stories covered in NPQ.

  • ·      The big story this week is the state government shutdown in Minnesota. Nonprofits all over the state are in limbo wondering whether and when contracts will be paid;

    ·      Meanwhile it was revealed that the state of Illinois “borrowed” $2 million that taxpayers thought they were donating to specific charities through check off boxes on their tax return forms. From one of the states with the worst reputations on late payments, this is a new low;

    ·      A new study reveals that nonprofit health insurers are making hay while the sun doesn’t shine – they are sitting on $20 billion in capital reserves. That’s up by $18 billion since 2008 which was – as you will recall – the start of the recession;

    ·      A new report from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities shows that fiscal year 2012 will be no picnic for state budgets. There is a combined $103 billion gap collectively that needs to be closed by 42 states and the District of Columbia;

    ·      In an intriguing experiment, the Seattle Foundation sponsored a day of giving where they encouraged the community to donate to local nonprofits by offering a $500,000 pool of matching money. The total raised was $3.5 million and local groups are celebrating!

And much, much more. Happy 4th!

Readers Pick. Hottest hitting article OF THE WEEK.

This article by Fredrik Anderson has not only been read by many thousands on our site but it has also been tweeted by many influential readers like Stephanie Strom of the New York Times, Aaron Hirsh of the Taproot Foundation, Phil Buchanon of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, David LaPiana and our own board member, Cindy Gibson. 

Conversation OF THE WEEK.

Giving USA

New Congressional Budget Office Report Sounds the Alarm over Deficits

NPQ Newswire readers don’t buy into the national political hysteria that the burgeoning deficit has to be addressed and resolved right away, else the nation’s prosperity is jeopardized.  According to NPQ Newswire reader Paul Tysse, “The deficit was created by massive war spending, high-end tax cuts, and the resultant extreme recession, with lower tax revenues. The deficit is way over-blown as an issue.”  NPQ Reader Kelly Kleiman, a Chicago-based blogger in her own right, agreed:  “As any professional economist who isn’t on the payroll of the Heritage Foundation will tell you, deficit spending on infrastructure is the appropriate remedy for recession/depression. As we’re in one of those, we should be spending accordingly. ..So this is more than merely a phony issue–it’s a phony issue created for the purpose of destroying programs which constitute social security (in its broadest sense).”

Trending Tweets of the week.


Thanks for all you tweeters out there. You help us spread the word and we’re grateful for your engagement.  From the government shutdown in Minnesota and what it means to nonprofits to social entrepreneurship as fetish, your tweets helped to spread the news.  Thanks for sharing! And if you don’t already, follow us on Twitter: @npquarterly.

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RT @COF_: What the Government Shutdown in Minnesota Means for #Nonprofits and Communities

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What the Government Shutdown in Minnesota Means for#Nonprofits and Communities

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RT @npquarterly: Minnesota on our minds – Jon Pratt and Kate Barr tell us what the government shutdown will mean for nonprofits

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Trending: Social Entrepreneurship as Fetish Trending: Social Entrepreneurship as Fetish ht…

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Trending: Social Entrepreneurship as Fetish

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Social Entrepreneurship as Fetish: | The Nonprofit Quarterly @npquarterly #socent #socinn#nonprofit

Contributor OF THE WEEK.

Kathi Jaworski is our Newswire corresponent extraordinaire from the west coast. Hailing from Oregon, Kathi has been an important addition to our Newswire team. This was never more in evidence than in her Newswire contributions for this week: New Film Paints Pretty Picture of “Ugly” Rutland, Vt. and Receding Recession Still Looms Large in State Budget Woes. From the arts to pure policy, she covered it all. NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! GIVE IT TO US.



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