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Good Morning! It’s a brand new day and news is more participatory. NPQ is part of that new day.

NPQ is a network made up of you and tens of thousands of other readers and correspondents. This participation from our readers brings a breadth of perspective and knowledge to what we do. In our newest feature, “NPQ’s Week in Review,” we will be highlighting this engagement – whether it is in the form of tweets, comments, or contributed articles and Newswires. Our hope is that your engagement will grow over time, allowing NPQ to reflect your wisdom in our pages.

NPQ’s Week in Review is new and will change over the next few months in response to your suggestions.

We especially ask you to note the Now its Your Turn section – so we can keep on top of your suggestions for topics to be covered.

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NPQ presents the news but its readers often deepen it with their perspectives and analysis. This week check out the comments at Class Warfare in Budget Talks. Keep up the good work commenters! On a related note see also Nonprofit Coalition Calls for Higher Corporate Taxes




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youthspeakup: RT @npquarterly: Trending: Ten Nonprofits that Function Like For-profits

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altchuizenga: The Human Voice in Social Media Builds Community @npquarterly

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SVPTucson: @npquarterly Has the Social Innovation Fund Forgotten the Heartland? (expand) And Arizona?!

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ncgrantmakers: RT @npquarterly: 6 myths about President Obama’s plan to reduce charitable deductibility

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jdeancoffey: Voices from the Field: The Inescapable Importance of Culture, Part I from MMarino via @npquarterly

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Susan_Chavez: RT @npquarterly: Trending: Social Media Is No Silver Bullet for Fundraising

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MrStevenGeorge: Trending: Head of @WhiteHouse Council on Jobs and Competitiveness Forgets Nonprofits RT @npquarterly@BOSPhilanthropy

Readers Pick of the week. NPQ’s most read.

Six Myths: What You Think You Know about President Obama’s Plan to Reduce Charitable Deductibility

President Obama’s plan to limit charitable deductions for the very wealthy is shrouded in myth and misinformation. Here we’ve listed six of those myths, with explanations that move them from the realm of the Brothers Grimm to something closer to empirical fact.


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Contributor of the Week.

NPQ benefits from many regular voluntary contributors. This week’s featured contributor, Bruce Trachtenberg, is particularly notable because he is a former member of our board. He is also the Executive Director of the Communications Network, which is a national network that promotes the strategic use of communications in philanthropy, and an indefatigable observer of the sector – this all makes him an excellent correspondent. Day in and day out Bruce brings the goods. If you’ve never read his contributions to the Newswire, you’ve missed out. From a nonprofit facing legal charges for firings made over Facebook posts, to a look at Detroit’s cultural institutions having to face deep budget cuts, Trachtenberg’s our man with a nose for news. Check back in on the Newswire to find more from Bruce and more news you can use from the sector.