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Good Morning! It’s a brand new day and news is more participatory. NPQ is part of that new day.

NPQ is a network made up of you and tens of thousands of other readers and correspondents. This participation from our readers brings a breadth of perspective and knowledge to what we do. In our newest feature, “NPQ’s Week in Review,” we will be highlighting this engagement – whether it is in the form of tweets, comments, or contributed articles and Newswires. Our hope is that your engagement will grow over time, allowing NPQ to reflect your wisdom in our pages.

NPQ’s Week in Review is new and will change over the next few months in response to your suggestions.

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The Onion Spoofs Social Conservatives with Abortionplex Satire

NPQ presents the news but its readers often deepen it with their perspectives and analysis. This week check out the comments at The Onion Spoofs Social Conservatives with Abortionplex Satire. Quite a conversation going on over there! Satire never ceases to cut right to the quick.

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Missouri Foundation Uses Social Media to Contact Grantees in Wake of Joplin Tornado

On Sunday, May 22, 2011, a terrible tornado hit Joplin, Mo. Our editor in Chief had been there to speak a year previous to talk with a roomful of community based agencies and so she started nosing around to find that the Missouri Foundation for Health was mobilized to try to deploy resources to those agencies so that they could serve the needs of the devastated community. NPQ published this article that talked about the foundation’s efforts and suggested that readers tweet about the fact that the foundation was looking to connect with its grantees. Many hundreds of people did just that. Eventually we just lost count. We hoped we helped in some small way and wish the best for our friends in the Joplin area.

NonprofResMemoMay 25, 6:28pm via web

Missouri Foundation Uses Social Media to Contact Grantees in Wake of Joplin Tornado @npquarterly

Readers Pick. Our most popular article of the week.


Ten Nonprofits that Function Like For-profits

Exactly how “nonprofit” some nonprofits are is an increasing issue in multiple arenas of the nonprofit sector. The Street’s Joe Mont shows an awareness of all of these issues and compiled a list of ten nonprofits that seemingly have a lot of for-profit DNA in their charitable chromosomes.

This article caused a stir on our site last week, at least tripling the readership of a typical Newswire. Click here to see the list of ten nonprofits that act like for-profits.


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Contributor of the Week.

Simone Joyaux

“I have several worldwide missions. These missions define my life’s work. At every opportunity, I speak out and challenge people to talk about these issues. Things like philanthropy and equity . . . And destroying all executive committees.”

NPQ benefits from many regular voluntary contributors. This week’s featured contributor, Simone Joyaux, contributes the highly useful bi-weekly column, Unraveling Development. Simone has been a dedicated reader of NPQ for over a decade and is recognized internationally as an expert in fund development, board and organizational development, strategic planning, and management. She is the founder and director of Joyaux Associates. Visit her website here. And if you’re not a regular visitor to her column, you should be!