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How to Revitalize your Board: Destroy your Executive Committee

Simone Joyaux’s bi-weekly column, Unraveling Development, sparked quite a conversation last week. It seems that when Simone says to “destroy your executive committee,” many of you agree! But not everyone. Go check out the conversation happening in the comments section of the article.

Trending Tweets of the week.


Integrity and participation seem to be the words of the week. The big stories that hit on Twitter last week were, Ten Tactics for Engaging the PublicVeterans Nonprofit Rejects $3.2 Mil on Principle, and How to Revitalize your Board: Destroy your Executive Committee, and others. Here’s a sneak peek below. And thanks for sharing!

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Ten Tactics for Engaging the Public

CynnalCymru9:08am via HootSuite

RT @begoodbesocial: RT @ThirdSectorLab: Ten tactics for engaging the public

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RT @LoriFresina: Ten Tactics for Engaging the Public via @npquarterly Love this!

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Ten Tactics for Engaging the Public via @npquarterly Love this!

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Now that’s what #integrity looks like! @npquarterly #Nonprofitrejects more than $3 mil in #funding

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RT @npquarterly: Why reject more than $3 million in funding? This nonprofit had their reasons.

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RT @npquarterly: Why reject more than $3 million in funding? This nonprofit had their reasons.

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Interesting. Has your org done it. How to Revitalize Your Board: Destroy Your Executive Committee via @npquarterly

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RT @BoardSource: Great article via @npquarterly How to Revitalize Your Board: Destroy Your Executive Committee #npboards

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RT @kirstenbullock How to Revitalize Your #Board: Destroy Your Executive Committee #volunteers

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How to Revitalize Your #Board: Destroy Your Executive Committee The #Nonprofit Quarterly#ngo #volunteers

readers pick! our most popular article of the week.


altEveryone wants to engage the public. But how? Though these ten tactics for engaging the public were pulled from a report targeted toward governments,  we think the tools listed in this table are also worth considering for nonprofits that wish to engage their stakeholders online. And we think you’re missing the boat if you do not.

The table is excerpted from a report, Using Online Tools to Engage – and be Engaged by – the Public, by Matt Leighninger, executive director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium. The full report is posted at the IBM Center for the Business of Government.


As it turns out, no. You probably shouldn’t charge your volunteers for their service. In San Diego, Habitat for Humanity began charging volunteers $100 a head to participate in its building projects back in March. By April 21, however,  the SDHFH Board of Directors agreed to repeal the policy that charged volunteers to participate in its building projects. Thank you for SDHFH for updating us on this issue – and we’ll try to keep you all updated here, in this space, in the future.

The Ripple effect OF THE WEEK.


We always love to see our stuff on our friends’ websites. People like us! They really like us . . . and share us, and refer to us, and link to us. The indefatigable Rosetta Thurman this week linked to one of our Newswires in her post, Why Do Nonprofits Treat their Employees Like Crap? She wrote:

“Then yesterday, the Nonprofit Quarterly reported on the Connecticut YMCA that, instead of celebrating landmark legislation that would mandate sick days for service workers, they fought to ensure that their organization was EXEMPT from this ruling. According to the article, the YMCA claimed it would break them to offer their employees paid sick days.”
Thank you, Rosetta. And thanks to all of you out there who find what we do useful.

Contributor OF THE WEEK.

Cindy Gibson

Master networker, astute observer of the sector, serious re-tweeter, and our friend and board member Cindy Gibson is our contributor of the week. This week Cindy passed along to us the very popular and useful, Ten Tactics for Engaging the Public. Thanks Cindy! Keep the ideas coming. To be a valuable contributor or to collaborate with NPQ, you don’t necessarily have to write a column or article (though Cindy happens to be quite good at that too), but you can give us a tip, a link, or a nudge. See the Now it’s Your Turn! section below.


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