January 3, 2011; Source: Roseville Press Tribune | The reorganization goes on. The 23-year-old Civic Theater West let its community know in November that unless it was able to raise a minimum of $350,000 before Dec.15, it would have to close. The effort fell short and indeed the theater closed, leaving many holding tickets for upcoming productions.

But now another theater, Runaway Stage Productions, has stepped up and is offering to honor the tickets in “two for one” deals for its upcoming production of “Hairspray.” This will help redirect the audience built by CTW while ensuring that they get value for their tickets.

Civic Theater West was doing fine in terms of attracting an audience but reportedly a downturn in sponsorships and contributions put them under and by November, just as it was getting ready to stage “Annie”, the small production company was $500,000 in debt .—Ruth McCambridge