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In our “Remaking the Economy” series, we have explored a range of practices that have been pioneered by social movement activists and nonprofits to build wealth in communities. But how do you build an entire economic system that reflects community values?

Puerto Rico faces enormous challenges due to its history as a colony, the state of its finances, and the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria and the US response to it. This has created a will to rebuild the island’s economy in line with a more community-owned vision. In this webinar, we hear from a number of people involved in and leading that effort.

First, NPQ senior editor Cyndi Suarez interviews Dr. Nelson Colón of the Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Community Foundation), where he talks about the potential for equity and an energy revolution on the island. Following the interview with Dr. Colón, this 90-minute webinar, moderated by NPQ senior editor Steve Dubb, lifts up stories from three leading Puerto Rico practitioner-experts who, through research, project-based work, and advocacy, are helping birth new forms of equitable, democratic, community-based economic development.

On this webinar, you will hear from: