This webinar will explore:

  • What core principles can guide efforts to build a more democratic economy
  • What role nonprofits can play in addressing income and wealth inequality
  • How nonprofits can actively work to decolonize wealth by addressing intersecting forms of hierarchy and inequality
  • What it means to take an “ecosystem approach” to building alternative structures and institutions
  • What points of leverage can enable nonprofits and movement leaders to change systems and foster viable alternatives

Nonprofits are often formed to address problems that have deep economic roots. If the economic and social structure as a whole is decaying, the problems being addressed by nonprofits filling this gap may only worsen. But there are ways to affect the economy on local and national levels—ways to stop what may appear to be inexorable trends towards greater inequality. To help you explore the practical range of options your organizations can consider, NPQ is launching a new series called Building a More Democratic Economy.

In the kickoff webinar for this series, Remaking the Economy, we will share a brief interview with Gar Alperovitz, a political economist and the co-founder of the Democracy Collaborative. Following the interview, NPQ Senior Editor Steve Dubb will facilitate a panel with three expert speakers: Edgar Villanueva, Program Officer at the Schott Foundation and Chair of Native Americans in Philanthropy; Maliki Kenyatta Yakini, executive director of the Detroit Black Community Food Security Network; and Deborah Frieze, founder of Boston Impact Initiative.