December 21, 2010; Source: Montreal Gazette | Charitable scams affect all nonprofits that do public fundraising. NPQ has covered a number of them over the past year but this one particularly caught our attention. It’s a new wrinkle on an old theme but involving a couple you may recognize. A few months ago, NPQ brought you a feel good story in the tale of the Larges, an elderly Canadian couple who won $11 million in the lottery and gave most of it away to charity.

Now, sadly, the story has been sullied by an attempted scam on the model of the banished Nigerian prince looking for a partner who will hold some money for his father, the king. This time, though, the awkwardly phrased email that purported to come from the Larges invited the recipient to help them give their money away.

Luckily a copy of it was sent to the local newspaper, which sounded the alarm. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Center is investigating, but when 75-year-old Allen Large was asked about the scam he said, “That just makes me pissed right off, to no end,” he said. “It may be a rude answer, but that’s just the way I feel about it.” We agree, Mr. Large. Below is the email: —Ruth McCambridge

Dear _________,


My name is Allen Large and my wife is Violet Large, we are the winner of Lotto 6-49 win

We have decided to use all the money to support the less privilege and physical challenge on a charitable ground not because my wife is facing a critical health challenge as motiveless people spread such a clumsy propaganda, this has been our mind set, our culture to become symbol of love which affects positively and reaches the lives of those who are under such condition like I mentioned above. We love each other and there is no greater we ever felt for each other better than this, of course we are old what still remain of us rather than this offer we are giving out to the world.

We are under great pressure coming from family, friends, lawyers, co-operate bodies and Government since we made this proposition public, it is wise and early enough we realized that this people are unscrupulous with ulterior motives standing against our best intent towards allocating this fund to the right people and organizations. This called for our personal attention, we decided to make a personal research for selfless and competent personality.

Can we trust you?

This money would be allotted not to one organization or people, we have decided to extend our arms to other part of the world (countries), this is why we needed someone who is anonymous and not connected to this set of people that has been bugging our life with corrupt intention. We are anticipating your reply in order to know our stance with you.


Mr. Mrs. Allen Large.