The Nonprofit Quarterly‘s Spring 2019 digital issue is here! This issue focuses on Nonprofits & Democracy: A View from the Current Century and Nonprofits, Taxation & the Public Trust.

This season’s two main topics—one understanding the link between a healthy, engaged democracy and the nonprofit sector, and the other reviewing the local, state, and federal proposals to tax nonprofits—are deeply related. They are both intricately connected to the public’s expectations of nonprofits—expectations that assume a values base that is partially memorialized in law and regulation but with plenty of room left for individual nonprofits to violate public trust. These violations accrue back to the whole sector in the form of public skepticism. Are we really who the public thinks we are? The mitigating force it hoped we would be? Or are we as capable of being unfair, self-serving, superficially driven, and greedy for money and power as any other sector? If so, we can expect to lose as much faith as other sectors have.

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