NPQ is finishing up its annual survey of readers this week. We have 850 responses—but are we missing yours?

People all over the country have written in about what they are experiencing and what interests them so that we can adjust our coverage to be of optimal use to youand your many colleagues. In the responses, we have read about the effects of the types of relationships nonprofits have with donors and other funders; the ways in which macro policy changes and scientific or technological advances havechanged whole fields of work; the state of boards; executive transitions done well and not so well and sometimes just foisted upon us; and a whole host of other issues. We have also heard about what we do that annoys or delights our readers (Rick Cohen’s periodic “snarkiness” apparently fits both categories).

We cannot overstate the importance of hearing from our readers.

Whether you are a small museum in a rural setting or a large, multi-site community health center spread across a city, understanding what keeps you up at night and what you need more information about is our editorial starting point. We need your input in order to know what the landscape means to your organization as well as how you are responding to it, for there is no better way to assess where you are now and where you mean to go so as to provide you with the information you need,than to hear it straight from you.

Many of our readers say that what they find most useful about us is the responsiveness to, and thorough tracking of, the trends affecting the sector—but without your response to the survey we are that much less able to fulfill that role.

Besides, if you complete the survey thoughtfully, we may invite you to sit on our reader advisory board and help us to design our editorial agenda for 2015. So, complete our survey today!