Management of nonprofits is a complex endeavor knit together by a strong vision and value set. Very little in management ought to be value- or vision-neutral, and all of it is informed by context and capacity, so we try to capture these nuances in our articles on the topic.

These particular stories were first published this year, among many others from 2015 that are just as worthy. But, NPQ’s archives include articles previously published that have only gained readership year over year—so if these interest you, look back!


  1. 10 Ways to Kill Your Nonprofit
  2. Indicators Were There before Current Investigation into SourceAmerica: Lessons for Nonprofits
  3. Donor Retention: What Do We Know & What Can We Do about It?
  4. When Scale Means Contraction: Putting Quality Considerations First
  5. Values in Your Organization and What They Have to Do with Raising Money (Part 1 and Part 2)
  6. A Retiring Nonprofit Exec Speaks Out on the So-Called “Leadership Gap”
  7. The Eight Building Blocks of Strong Nonprofit Brands
  8. The Four Impulses of Nonprofits and What They Each Create
  9. Human Development and Social Change: An Expanded Perspective on the Work of the Nonprofit Sector
  10. Are We There Yet? A Conversation on Performance Measures in the Third Sector
  11. Nonprofit Sector, Heal Thyself: Gender and Racial Inequities Persistent and Pervasive
  12. Why Every Philanthropist Should Be Active on Twitter
  13. Must-Read Fidelity Study on Link Dynamics between Giving and Volunteering
  14. Pope Cites 15 Leadership Failures We Should All Reflect Upon
  15. Smoke and Mirrors and Malice: What Nonprofits Can Learn from the Planned Parenthood Imbroglio