Photo by Mwabonje from Pexels.

December 31, 2019; VTDigger

Doug Hoffer is Vermont’s state auditor of accounts. He has held his elected office since 2012, and once worked in Burlington’s Community and Economic Development Office under then-mayor Bernie Sanders. Anne Wallace Allen, writing for VTDigger, notes that Hoffer and 14 other staff audit the state’s financial statements “for compliance with the rules, and issues reports on the outcome of state programs in all areas of government, looking for ways to reduce waste and fraud.”

In 2018, Hoffer’s office released a 73-page report, “Making Economic Development Policy: Anecdotes or Peer-Reviewed Literature,” which found it impossible to substantiate claims that Vermont’s economic development incentive programs create jobs. Today, in 2020, Allen writes that “as lawmakers prepare to convene for the 2020 session, Hoffer’s gearing up for another year of conversations about moving away from those subsidies.”

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