Dax-Devlon Ross

We need to talk about these things, because if this is showing up here, here, here, and here and here, then there’s something going on. That was what inspired me to write, and I think why I’m in this conversation right now is because, as I continue to talk to folks who feel like they can reveal themselves, especially the folks in sort of the elder side of the spectrum. When I say that, I mean folks who are older GenX, and even younger Baby Boomer. I think there’s a lot of internal conflict, a lot of it linked to the choices they made in order to become who they became in the world, and under the belief that that was the way to do it. And to have that be upended and questioned, I think it creates a lot of strong emotion. And there’s not a place for that to be articulated without it being perceived as if you’re just salty. And I think it’s more complicated than that. And I think it needs to be made more nuanced, and I know this conversation with this group will allow us to do that.