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A workshop for nonprofit staff and trustees who fill out IRS Forms 990 or approve them, as well as for donors and journalists.

NPQ’s editor-in-chief Ruth McCambridge and author, speaker, and former NPQ consulting editor Michael Wyland explore in detail how donors and the media look at the IRS Form 990. This form reveals a treasure trove of information that raises all types of questions in a skilled reader. Foundations, individual donors, journalists, and watchdogs use it more and more as source of basic information. Do you know what your 990 says about you?

This hour-long session explores through a variety of real-life examples what concerns are raised through the ways you answer questions on the form. These concerns may not be just about financial status, but about governance, potential conflicts of interest, and other issues that could be problematic. We also go over when you should consider publishing clarifying information.

Participants will take away from this session:

  • A better understanding of the implications of all of the areas of questions on the form
  • An understanding of the ways that journalistic inquiries progress through looking at an individual nonprofit’s Form 990
  • Clarification on the ways that you might use your Form 990 to improve your organizational practices
  • A better understanding of how donors might view your answers and what to do to make necessary clarifications