This webinar was first posted online on November 19, 2015.

The new communications environment has created a new governance environment. It is far easier for an organization’s stakeholder groups to communicate with one another and organize against boards when they make decisions that stakeholders disapprove of. NPQ has been following two remarkable cases of this dynamic at Sweet Briar College and the San Diego Opera. This video will allow you to hear firsthand from the new board chairs of both organizations. What did governance look like before and after the stakeholder action? There is an enormous amount of useful information here for all boards. Check it out and use it as a learning tool for your board!

Panelists: Teresa Tomlinson, Vernetta Walker and Carol Lazier.

Moderator: Ruth McCambridge

Teresa Tomlinson is the new chairwoman of Sweet Briar College as well as Mayor of Columbus, Georgia. She will give you an inside look at  how they are approaching their board work and governance in a new, more networked way post the institutional save as well as her prospective on governance and stakeholders from the view of an elected official. 

Vernetta Walker is vice president of programs & chief governance officer for BoardSource. She has worked with many national and international nonprofit organizations addressing a wide range of governance issues, from how to start a nonprofit organization, to improving board engagement and performance, and restructuring complex entities.

Carol Lazier is president of the San Diego Opera board and participated in its decision to close so she also has a distinctive point of observation on these issues.