The realities of Black women in leadership have arrived at the center of discourse across the nation. Black women leaders and their accomplices are driving the effort to unpack and move through shared experiences of harm. In this discussion, four leaders came together for a discussion on black women leadership and the archetypes that enable injustice.

Our facilitator was NPQ Editor-in-Chief and President, Cyndi Suarez. She was joined by our panelists:

  • Dr. Yanique Redwood is the author of White Women Cry and Call Me Angry: A Black Woman’s Memoir on Racism in Philanthropy.
  • Kerrien Suarez is the President and CEO of Equity In The Center®, a field-wide initiative working to transform the social sector by building a Race Equity Culture™ in organizations.
  • Whitney Parnell is a Black millennial activist, author, singer, and the founder and CEO of Service Never Sleeps, a Black-Led organization that trains justice-minded individuals and institutions in race equity and allyship.