There are three weeks left before the year’s end. The end of the year is always a time for reflection—where did we come from, and where are we going? One thing of which I’m certain about this and next year is that I am in the midst of a remarkable community of active thinkers and doers. Our community is constantly reconsidering its environment against what it wants to create and achieve and finding new ways forward.

Part of why NPQ exists is to allow you to share those observations and experiences with one another, so we are asking for your help TODAY in identifying the important trends of 2015.

A lot of what NPQ does in its daily newswire with its cadre of volunteer writers is to follow stories, many of which eventually reveal trends in the sector. At the end of the year, we sum them up. This year, we feel like we identified a lot of shifts, but sometimes it takes different sets of eyes to see the dynamics in a new way. So we’re asking you, our readers, about what you see as the emergent forces gaining steam and growing important to the work of nonprofits, philanthropy, and civil society in general. And, on the other side, what’s losing steam or fading away?

These can be trends in the overall environment, in policy or practice, or even in the new and different ways we are talking about or organizing around an issue. Are there technologies that have changed your approach, or a new line of thinking that has influenced your work? You can help us understand where the trends you are discussing are headed and what they might turn into in the coming year.

Send your thoughts to me at [email protected]. When you describe the trends you see, spend a paragraph or two on them because we would like to integrate your thoughts into our end-of-year piece. And, as always, we thank you for your intelligence and discernment.