• Julie Grower

    What a great article! As the ED of a small non-profit I am terrified of these
    changes. I feel that so many in the non-profit sector are supporting the new administration without seeing the entire long-term economic picture.

    As a small non-profit that has always received more support from local business owners who are now going to give less–I’m worried.

    We are going to have more opportunities for government funding but less support from local people. This puts the government in control and not our local communities which have more at stake, require more
    oversight and know what our real needs are. I have more faith in ourlocal supporters who have given so much than in the politicians. I feel that government is saying “we are smarter than the local people
    and we have the answers”. Aren’t we in the non-profit sector the ones who believe all people have potential and can overcome obstacles to determine their own futures? Don’t we work at getting people to be
    self-sufficient and not government dependent? Isn’t this taking power from the people instead of empowering people?

    Why is it that I feel like the non-profit sector is saying “the new administration is making great changes” and no one seems to see the big picture?

    Thank you for writing about the big picture. We need to start
    thinking about where we are being led!

  • William L. Huddleston

    Excerpted from an open letter to the Independent Sector Colorado Springs meeting about the future of the non-profit sector:

    2. The question: