• Linda

    Thank goodness for Rick Cohen. This is insightful and should be required reading for this week. The shark tank approach is a very cynical image for philanthropy.

  • Jan Masaoka

    What’s better than Rick Cohen on a rant in the morning?

  • Anon

    Thanks for this. The philanthropy competitions are SUCH bs and I can’t understand how any self-respecting foundation can go around trumpeting rigor and assessment and partnerships while also holding these kind of grantee popularity contests. Just when you think people might be getting a tiny inkling of how systemic privilege works, a funding mechanism springs forth to reward nonprofits who already have massive networks and full-time communications staff to tell the nonprofit’s story.

  • Shea Howell

    Thank you for this thoughtful article. It raises important questions for all of us and points to how out of touch the leadership of much of the philanthropic community is today. This is a valuable challenge, calling for some much needed rethinking.

  • Delia Coleman

    I like that the piece makes some scant distinction between the pitch-fests that seem to be popping up and the kind of well crafted prize designs that the public sector sometimes engages in. For instance Deloitte U. published a paper last June on “The craft of incentive prize design: Lessons from the public sector” that actually looks at the benefits of these kinds of contests, the collaborations they produce, and the different incentives that are in play.

    (Find the piece here: http://dupress.com/articles/the-craft-of-incentive-prize-design/ )

    Somehow, I don’t think that’s what the Council was thinking of.