• sisterlauren

    I think it is very creepy that Hillary Clinton is rushing to defend this Israeli administration with her anti-BDS moves when it is so obviously prejudicial and racist. What on earth is she thinking?

    It reminds me of that old story about “first they came for …” and at the end there is no one left to defend him, since he defended no one. I would have thought the Israelis would have learned that lesson, but obviously they didn’t.

  • labman57

    Wow. I have visions of the famous quote from the Pogo comic strip dancing in my brain.

    Religious orthodoxy in all of its forms is, by definition, intolerant of anyone who does not accept and practice the rituals and behaviors deemed mandatory by its followers’ narrow dogmatic interpretations of holy scripture.

    Judaism is regarded as a birthright — there is no official proof of religiosity involved in being identified as Jewish unless you are converting.