• Ainslie

    “While Hillary Clinton appears at carefully controlled events….”

    I’m sure this is true to a certain extent, however, it needs to be better emphasized that Hillary is operating under US Secret Service protection and they have a protocol to follow. When she enters a building, the doors are closed and no one else is allowed in, which is why the five BLM protesters were excluded. (They also telegraphed their plans to The New Republic, which is how her staff knew to expect them.) I’m sure the protocol extends to protests outside venues where she is appearing as well.

    BLM is targeting Sanders because, I think, they thought he was a bit of an ass to them at Netroots Nation and keeping that conflict alive helps their visibility. Their analysis is white liberals really don’t care enough about black lives and who is a better white liberal to target than Bernie Sanders? Some Sanders supporters engage in “whitesplaining” that his credibility is rooted in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s but in a way, that’s like relying on your resume: It’s not enough to say what you’ve done, you have to say what you’re going to do. By hiring Symone Sanders, Bernie has shown he is listening, which is a good thing.

    • Avinash Tyagi

      BLM shills are targeting him because he’s not Hillary, their employer.

      There’s no explaining to shills, because they’re only there to enable their queen’s victory, which is why they haven’t targeted her

      But in spite of their shilling, she’s falling behind anyways.

  • Sisyphus

    I wonder if Roger Stone and his protege Al Sharpton are behind this. It wouldn’t be the first time. Article by Mark Ames gives the history: https://pando.com/2015/08/11/behind-scenes-donald-trump-roger-stone-show/

  • Bubbles

    I don’t get the attack on Bernie Sanders. The issue for African Americans is inequality the very thing that is impelling Sanders and his campaign and he clearly has the values, background and campaign theme that shows strong sympathies towards the issues facing African Americans. The best thing that could happen to Blacks as well as the rest of the country is if Sanders is able to initiate a land slide win with strong coat tails in November 2016 and reversing the nearly 50 year slide towards growing inequality across all of American society. The issue of inequality aligns the concerns of African Americans with the rest of American society providing a unique opportunity to make progress on the issue and Sanders is the only candidate with any credibility on the issue because of his track record and the fact that he is not taking money from BigMoney. I think Black Lives Matter’s actions could have the impact of hurting Sanders campaign if not carefully executed. I’m thinking of 1968, the height of liberal progressivism and unruley protest on the left in progressive campaign events eventually triggered concerns over law and order which in turn triggered a reaction that put Nixon in office. During the Nixon administration the growth in medium wage and family income and economic equality came to an end after roughly 30 years of incredible progress to all groups including African Americans. Nixon also sent the GOP on the Southern strategy which has been devastating to the cause of Africa Americans which has got them and all of us to where we are today. Instead of undermining the one candidate most likely to reverse the Nixon an Reagan revolutions, they should be supporting him and confronting the BigMoney candidates – the entire GOP lineup and for that matter, the Clinton campaign which is thoroughly owned by BigMoney. I understand Black Lives Matter wanting to make sure they get their fair share of a piece of the pie if Sanders should win, but their causing excessive disruption could eventually undermine Sanders chances, leaving them substantially where they are. I suppose a Clinton win would bring them marginal improvement, but only a Sanders win would bring substantial improvement in the conditions of African Americans in this society along with everyone else.