• Cathy Belvedere

    Having worked previously in an anti doping agency, I was intrigued by the article and had a read through. There are strict rules on testing with procedures and process etc. which must be adhered to. A brief overview would be:

    Testing can occur either at the home of an athlete or at their training facility.

    The Doping Control Offices are Certified to collect samples either of blood or urine or both at any venue that an athlete provides in his Athlete Passport or Whereabouts Form.

    Those samples are then sent (via a chain of custody) to a lab sanctioned by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) who has the ability to complete the complex raft of tests required either in competition or out of competition.

    National Anti Doping Agencies, such as USADA, can be sub contracted by national or international sport federations to complete the collection.

    Athletes can apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption for the use of certain substances on the WADA banned list by WADA which may or may not be granted under the rules of both the national anti doping organisations (in this case USADA).

    I thought this statement from USADA dated Sept 10th might also be useful.


    • IskurBlast

      And since the WADA code explicitly prohibits the TUEs to be granted for the use of IVs to treat moderate dehydration how does USADA square that circle you paid shill.

      “The use of IV infusions in sport is commonly linked with rehydration after exhaustive effort, and this situation is arguably the major cause of debate. It must be understood that the use of IV fluid replacement following exercise to correct mild to moderate dehydration is not clinically indicated nor substantiated by the medical literature. There is a well-established body of scientific evidence to confirm that oral rehydration is the preferred therapeutic choice, potentially even more effective than IV infusion.
      (Ref: 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16)”

    • Djimd


      So Mayweather applied for the exception 3 weeks AFTER the fight and was approved 3 weeks AFTER the fight.

      Pacquiao and the Nevada athletic commission was notified 3 weeks AFTER the fight. The maximum IV injection allowable is 50cc.

      Mayweather is a straight up cheat and USADA helped him cheat.

      The USADA statement offers no actual facts to dispute the allegations, just general claims of misinformation.