An Executive Director’s Guide to Financial Leadership

AN NPQ CLASSIC. There is a world of difference between financial management and financial leadership, and refocusing your approach from fiscal management to fiscal sustainability and agility gets you there. Outlined in this expert guide are such essential steps as transforming your annual budget analysis, deciding whether or not income diversification is the way to go, achieving a robust reserve, and equipping your board for effective financial governance.

Reflections on Executive Leadership and Transition Data over Fifteen Years

This take-no-prisoners article from CompassPoint Nonprofit Services, based on their own research data, exposes the very real stagnation of many nonprofits when it comes to next-generation leadership practices. This stagnation constitutes a lack of stewardship of our potentially powerful workforces. Please see this article as a call to action: Share it with your boards, your colleagues, and funders because in our lack of attention, we are wasting precious resources right now!