• Workplace Fairness

    Facebook is in the midst of giving away advertising (like Google Grants) through a trial program administered by Action Sprout. So that’s something. Facebook’s biggest problem is that its algorithm makes it almost impossible for nonprofits to reach their supporters, since only a small fraction of fans see any individual post. There should be a way to opt-in like you can with your starred friends so that you can see every single thing a nonprofit you support shares on Facebook. I can’t even see what my own organization is doing unless I go into the admin screens. It really feels like Facebook deliberately makes it difficult for nonprofits to engage so that they have to pay for advertising and obscure the algorithm so much that you have to pay for consultant assistance. I’m hoping that this web page and the grants program continue to improve so that we can get to a point where we can count on the effectiveness of certain strategies — otherwise, we don’t have the time and money to waste on Facebook engagement.

    • Aine Creedon

      Very good point, I have covered this issue in past articles but the fact that nonprofits are competing with every other Facebook Page for visibility on the platform is simply unacceptable. If they are truly trying to encourage more social good activity on Facebook their algorithm should address this as well.

    • RachelAC

      I applied for the grants through Action Sprout for one of the multiple nonprofit organizations for whom I curate a Facebook page. I did not get the grant, but I DO now receive a useless “Weekly Digest” email from Action Sprout. I’m unimpressed.

  • clubkids414

    We did win the ActionSprout grant of $200 per month for three months, THANKS! But all it really did was just teach us how to spend more money on the site and made us more dependent on the ads to get our message out. Facebook needs to give away free ads grant and more to every 501c3 organization and help us get the message out. http://www.clubkids414.org

  • Debbie Duncan

    If we can get people to share our messaging – a major hurdle – our messages reach may 5 % of our “followers’. VERY discouraging! We keep our FB page up because we do reach some people – but it feels like wasted effort.

  • victorbrodt

    I and many others are rather miffed by FB tendency to push valuable input under the rug! It seems that changes are consistently made that relegate nonprofits to the back of the line. (While Google is giving us $10k in ad-words!) I am thankful for the opportunities in the past, but together we really did add to the value of FB with great content, in our case that was a result of consistent daily hours of hard work; but now our engaged followers often do not even see us.

    Is there some new approach, some new- we have got you-now pay to be on FB work around that we are missing? I think it would be valuable to all if many of us who are engaged could be informed of what is really going on. Please anybody…., insights ? ?

    I am not a negative person, we contribute a lot (notice not trying to promote our NP here either) I just see that Nonprofits seem to be losing their fair share… and that’s a really bad sign for the FB community. We have put up our own social website as a result, but still would love to reach and benefit as large an audience as possible. Sadly I think that FB has failed themselves and us, and it is a very pitiful state.

    I hope that some can give feedback now and help us all resolve this malady.