• Kebo Drew

    Please, please, please stop removing Rosa Parks from her activist history and making her one tired Black woman on a bus, as opposed to a trained activist involved in a concrete strategy to de-segregate public accommodations. The same was true of Plessy (of Plessy v Ferguson), who was an activist from Fauberg Treme, Claudette Colvin was considered before Ms. Parks, however, she had several things going against her, including her youth. If we continue to consider individuals before movements, then we cannot understand their work. And through Douglass was an incredible supporter of suffrage, and against the Chinese Exclusion Act, because he view these things as connected, white suffragists were less than supportive about the abolition of slavery.

  • Cowboy

    The idea of “the power of one” is not so straightforward as you make it sound. Rosa Parks had been involved in civil rights education and strategizing before the famous bus incident. And, her actions would have had little power or meaning if the community had not been prepared to highlight and build on he symbolic sit. It takes a community preparation and unity to stand by and with the “one(s).”

  • simonejoyaux

    I’m not making Rosa Parks a tired black woman. I’m not denying her trained activism. I’m talking about all individuals can act. And all communities can act. And justice is the point.