• Well-positioned, well substantiated, and important to discuss the disproportionate power philanthropy groups have in charitable work. Rather than the tail sometimes wagging the dog, it may be better off to note when foundations and foundation-centric groups are not serving missions well with their grant programs and to move on to individuals directly in many cases.

  • Right on! We need to all join the chorus for solid, consistent funding of nonprofit infrastructure. This article points out some uncomfortable truths. Are foundations putting their money where their mouth is?

  • Kris Kewitsch

    Wholeheartedly support authentic and engaged conversation between donors and nonprofits with honesty at the core. Acknowledging the power dynamic between the two is imperative and even more so for nonprofits to own their power as service providers in the equation of impact and change. We (donors and nonprofits) need each other to be real partners working together.